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Fort Lewis College gets its cycling game face on

Less than a month to go before the USA Pro Cycling Challenge commences in Durango and at Fort Lewis College and preparations for the race are in full swing. FLC, site of the Cycling Village, is in the midst of a facelift that will help show off its cycling pride come race day (August 20).

Perhaps most noticeable are the stretches of resurfaced road along Rim Dr. and 8th Avenue. As anyone who’s spent a winter in Colorado knows, the weather can wreak havoc on a road and the roads around Fort Lewis College were no exception. While the College typically does repair work on the road incrementally from year-to-year, the arrival of the Pro Cycling Challenge gave FLC a good excuse to do a major road repair project all at once, something that will continue to be utilized long after the race has moved on.

A traveler around town and on campus will also notice new banners hanging from the light poles along the streets. The City of Durango has introduced special banners promoting the Challenge and its connection with the town. These banners can be found all over the community and on the roads leading up to campus.

Fort Lewis College also introduced new banners along its campus thoroughfares. The new signage is clad in school colors to remind the thousands of visitors who are expected to come to campus that this place is the new center of the cycling world, at least for a few days in August.

There are more changes on the docket for FLC in the coming weeks. With the Challenge bringing so much national and international attention to campus, the goal for the College is to create an atmosphere that visitors, both in person and by TV or Internet, will not soon forget.

Learn more about the USA Pro Cycling Challenge at www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com.

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