Ethnographic Field School

The department of anthropology regularly offers a 4 or 5-week summer field school program in applied ethnographic field methods. Our ethnographic field school is located in and around the town of Boma Ng’ombe, Tanzania, the home of many Chagga people.  Program participants have a home-stay immersion experience.  The field school begins with a one or two week preparation on the Fort Lewis Campus before heading to Tanzania for the remaining two or three weeks of the program.

What do you mean by “ethnographic field school”?

Ethnographic field school students gain training and experience in research design, ethnographic interviewing, participant observation, visual methods, data processing and data analysis. Students also have the opportunity to broaden their experience through field trips to local and international non-profit organizations, an artist cooperative, village visits, and excursions to natural attractions such as big game parks (Tarangiri, Ngorongoro) and to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Students will also collaborate with peers from a college in nearby Arusha, the Tengeru Institute of Community Development.

Past FLC ethnographic field school projects

Tanzania and Ethiopia trip Our most recent field school projects have included research with local residents regarding food insecurity, HIV/AIDS stigma, recycling, prenatal health care, and the use of herbal medicines.  The results of several of these projects have resulted in presentations at the Society for Applied Anthropology annual meetings.  Several other projects resulted in dynamic senior seminar thesis papers and presentations.

Course description

ANTH 389: Ethnographic Field Experience (4-5 credits).
This course provides students with hands on training in the fundamentals of ethnographic field techniques.  Students will learn skills including research design, ethics, participant-observation, survey and interviewing techniques, sampling, and various data analysis procedures.

Field School Details

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The 2019 field school will begin April 29.  The field school will take place on the Fort Lewis campus April 29 to May 10, and in Tanzania from May 13 to May 31.  Applications for the field school are due no later than January 15, 2019.

For more information about the upcoming field school, please contact Dr. David Kozak, or in CSWS 278.