Kathleen S. Fine-Dare

Kathleen S. Fine-Dare is Professor of Anthropology and Gender/Women’s Studies, and an affiliated faculty member with the Program in Native American & Indigenous Studies. She received her B.A. degree in Anthropology from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and her A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has received several honors from the college, including the Alice Admire Outstanding Faculty Award, the Roger Peters Distinguished Professor Award, and Featured Scholar recognition. In 2005 she taught for a semester in a Master’s anthropology program at a university in Quito. She has been an invited lecturer at Doshisha University’s Graduate American Studies Program in Kyoto, Japan; George Mason University; Johns Hopkins University; and the FLACSO and Salesian Polytechnic Universities in Quito. She served as an invited panelist at the Second Congress of Ecuadorian Anthropology in 2006, and presented a paper at the International Congress of Americanists in Mexico City in 2009. She conducts field research each summer in Quito, Ecuador.

Among Fine-Dare’s publications are these, both published by the University of Nebraska Press: Grave Injustice: The American Indian Repatriation Movement and NAGPRA (2002); and Border Crossings: Transnational Americanist Anthropology (2009, co-edited with Steven Rubenstein). She is currently working on a book about urban indigeneity in the Quito Basin area of Ecuador.

Professor Fine-Dare is currently serving her second term as Chair of the Department of Anthropology and is a member of the Advisory Board of Native American & Indigenous Studies and the faculty of Gender & Women’s Studies. She works as a co-organizer of the Four Corners Lecture Series and coordinates financial and other assistance for two elementary schools located in the margins of northwest Quito, Ecuador. She is past board member of two local organizations devoted to serving women in Durango and continues as a Spanish translator “on call.”

Fine-Dare currently teaches Anth 151: Intro to Anthropology; Anth 210: Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology; Anth 351: Native Peoples of the Andes; Anth 355: Anthropology of Gender; Anth 358: Native American Gender Issues; and Anth 395: History of Anthropological Thought. She also offers Anth 316: Internship in Anthropology; Anth 450: Advanced Research in Latin American Anthropology; Anth 455: Advanced Research in the Anthropology of Gender; and EGC 303: Representations and Power. Other courses she has offered include Political Anthropology; Culture & Tourism in the Southwest; and Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion.

For more information about her courses, publications, and projects, see her web site at http://faculty.fortlewis.edu/fine_k/.