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Art Programs

Student drawingThe department offers a variety of degree options that prepares students to participate in one of the many facets of the art world. In keeping with the liberal arts tradition, art majors also take courses in disciplines other than art, and non-majors are welcome in all art classes.

The Art Option prepares students to become practicing artists, to enter graduate school or otherwise engage in a full and rich visual life. Students develop a strong foundation by taking courses in design and drawing, art history, contemporary theory and sophomore and senior seminars. Beyond these requirements, students enroll in beginning and advanced studio courses of their choice. A detailed list of studio courses is found in the catalog.

The Graphic Design Option develops critical, interdisciplinary faculties necessary to synthesize a broad range of information into compelling communication. Students take courses in beginning, intermediate and advanced graphic design as well as typography and graphic design history. Elective courses include web and time-based media. This program prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields, including print, web and multimedia design.

The Business Art Option combines training in studio art and art history with business knowledge. This option is applicable to a variety of contexts, such as sales galleries, nonprofit art organizations or graduate programs in art administration. In addition, the Business Art option provides an understanding of the business side of being an artist appropriate for all practicing artists.

The K-12 Art Teaching Option trains students to become effective and successful art teachers in a K-12 school setting. This option recognizes that students need to have a broad knowledge of art-making skills and techniques as well as an understanding of art teaching methods and concepts. Upon successful completion of this program, in conjunction with the Teacher Licensing Program, students will be recommended for a Colorado State Teaching License.

The Art History Minor provides a rich and unique understanding of social and cultural movements through the lens of art. It also helps prepare students to apply to graduate art and art history programs, and provides important background for art-related fields such as museum studies, architecture, advertising and art marketing.

The Art Minor provides a sustained exploration of art and art-making to students majoring in other fields. Students complete foundations courses, an art history course as well as studio courses of their choice.

Note: Options outlined above reflect the current course catalog. Students studying under an older catalog may have different options available.