Internship Process
There are several items that must be completed to participate in an Art & Design Internship. 
 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!   Once all items have been completed and turned in you will receive permission to register for the class.  All items must be completed, including required signatures, and submitted to the Internship Coordinator for approval at least one week before registration begins for each semester.

  1. Read about the Requirements.  Please be familiar with this process and ask questions so that you can receive credit for your valuable internship experience.
  2. Find an Internship.  You can research this on your own, receive recommendations from faculty, network to create leads, and utilize Career Services to find internship options.
  3. Application Form – This begins the process and establishes a file for you.  No commitments are made at this point; it is simply an intention to participate and apply for credit.   You must receive approval by the Internship Coordinator to register for credit.
  4. Position Description – The position description must be approved by the Internship Coordinator and in your file before you will be approved for academic credit.  Please print the Employer’s position description or create your own with this example Position Description.
    It must include the following:
    *Organization’s Name/Address/Website
    *Supervisor’s Name/Supervisor’s Phone/Supervisor’s Email/Supervisor’s Title
    *Roles & Responsibilities
    *Preferred Skills
    *Work Schedule/Hours
  5. Learning Goals & Objectives with Outcomes – This is a comprehensive description of what you hope to gain from the experience. The learning objectives must link to your academic and/or career goals.  *Minimum of three must be included to be accepted for credit.   Example Goals & Objectives template.   How to write Goals & Objectives.
  6. Resume & Cover Letter – Please include the resume & cover letter you used to apply for your internship.  Please see Career Services if you need help with creating these documents.
  7. Submit these documents to the Internship Coordinator: Documents: #3, #4, #5, & #6 by one week prior to registration.
  8. Register for Credit.  After you are approved the Internship Coordinator will give you the information you need to register.
  9. Pay for Tuition.  All regular course fees apply.  Please contact Financial Aid or the Cashier’s Office for questions.
  10. Complete the Internship!  Complete internship duties and coursework as required in the course syllabus.

Questions?  Contact the Art & Design Internship Coordinator:

Paul Booth
Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor, Graphic Design
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301