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Welcome to the Department of Art & Design

These programs balance a liberal arts framework with real world professional practices specific to the visual arts. The program is committed to developing students as effective conceptual thinkers, communicators, and creative problem solvers.

The Studio Art major offers students the chance to build skills, explore concepts, employ current technologies, learn safe studio practices, and hone their professionalism. With the guidance of mentoring faculty who are active artists themselves, our majors explore a high-caliber variety of course work that prepares them to participate in one of the many facets of the art world.

Possible Career Paths:

  • Fine Artist
  • Illustrator/Animator
  • Art Therapist
  • Gallery Director
  • Art Education

Studio Art Major Requirements (Catalog 2016-2017)
Studio Art Major Check Sheet (2016-2017)

The purpose of the Communication Design major is to produce students with skills in traditional (logos, branding, publications, packaging, advertising, typography) as well as digital (mobile, websites, online interfaces and user experience) applications to become marketable for a variety of career paths. The curriculum introduces students to the principles of design, client research, conceptual development and image creation. Studio courses, internships and the generation of a professional portfolio prepare students for employment within the advertising and design industry.

Possible Career Paths:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Design Education

Communication Design Major Requirements (Catalog 2016-2017)
Communication Design Major Check Sheet (2016-2017)

The Art History minor provides a rich and unique understanding of social and cultural movements through the lens of art. This minor is a good foundation for applying to graduate art and art history programs, and important background for a career in art-related fields such as museum studies, gallery management, architecture, advertising, and art marketing. In all, this minor promotes visual literacy, giving our students the ability to become informed citizens who comprehend the power of images to communicate and shape their world.

Art History Minor Requirements (Catalog 2016-2017)
Art History Minor Check Sheet (2016-2017)

Communication Design Minor Requirements (Catalog 2016-2017)
Communication Design Minor Check Sheet (2016-2017)

Studio Art Minor Requirements (Catalog 2016-2017)
Studio Art Minor Check Sheet (2016-2017)

The kinds of experiences embedded in a studio art curriculum—research, hands-on collaboration, conceptual thinking, creative problem solving, adaptability to unfamiliar situations, and faculty mentorship - translate into the proficiencies that employers desire.