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Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences

The Dean's Office staff members include Dean Jesse Peters, Associate Dean Pete McCormick, Associate Dean Anne McCarthy, and Administrative Assistant Sharon Doty. You can find descriptions of their specific job duties on the Job Descriptions page. Our goal with this website is to be a source of information for Department Chairs, Program Directors and faculty. For example, we have included documents such as evaluation letter templates, calendars of events for Arts and Sciences and academic affairs deadlines, and the list of the School of Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee membership. If you have a suggestion for additional resources to add to the site, please contact any of the Dean's Office staff members.

The arts and sciences serve as the foundation of a general education at liberal arts institutions. Indeed, the desire to learn, to explore, and to know has led humans to experiment and change for centuries. As we seek our places in the world, our roles in our communities, and our careers, we are constantly engaged with numerous ideas and disciplines. At Fort Lewis, the School of Arts and Sciences is a community of scholars, teachers, and staff who work together to provide excellent programs of study and co-curricular opportunities for our students. We prepare them to be responsible participants in the world and teach them how to navigate the numerous paths they will travel.