Assessment at Fort Lewis College - Business Administration

Business Administration Learning Outcomes

Business Administration

Program Learning Outcomes for Graduates of the School of Business Administration/Business Administration

Our graduates will:

PLO 1. Business Knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge in the field of study (learning as inquiry).

Obj. 1.1 Knowledge of the Economy and modern business

Obj. 1.2 Ethical Issues

PLO 2. Employ quantitative, analytical and technological tools

Employ quantitative, analytical and technological tools for decision making that are appropriate to business (critical thinking and problem solving).

Obj 2.1 Quantitative Tools

Obj. 2.2 Analytical Tools

Obj. 2.3 Technological Tools

PLO 3. Communication

Utilize effective verbal and written business communication strategies (communication).

Obj 3.1 Written Communication

Obj. 3.2 Oral Communication

PLO 4. Teamwork

Work effectively in teams.

Obj 4.1 Teamwork

  • Knowledge of the economy, the principles of modern business, and organizational practices.
  • Knowledge of specific ethical issues in the operation of a business in the modern world.
  • Competence in the use of quantitative tools.
  • Competence in the use of analytical tools.
  • Competence in the use of technological tools.
  • Able to produce high quality written business reports and documents.
  • Able to deliver high quality oral business presentations.
  • Work effectively in teams.