Assessment at Fort Lewis College - Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular Assessment

The Student Affairs Office provides services and resources for students in order to create learning opportunities and to shape the campus environment in support of the College’s mission and values.

The Division of Student Affairs engages in annual program assessment which is recorded in Task Stream. You must log in using the Central Authentication Service and then Quicklinks/Task Stream. Each program's learning outcomes are guided by four learning domains.

Learning Domains

  • Balanced Life Choices – Students will achieve balance between educational, recreational, professional, interpersonal and spiritual pursuits in order to become well-rounded individuals. Students will gain the skills to make healthy life choices.
  • Critical Life Skills – Students will develop and enhance life skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
  • Cultural Competence – Students will develop an appreciation and awareness of differences and similarities among cultures, as well as the ability to navigate cultural and social systems without prejudice.
  • Social Responsibility - Students will demonstrate effective stewardship of human and natural resources. Students will consider the welfare of others in decision-making and engage in positive interactions that promote community.