Biology Department - Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Biology is to instill in our students a profound appreciation for the study of life, to enhance scientific literacy, to promote a desire for continued acquisition of scientific knowledge, and to provide the skills necessary to pursue professional positions, independent learning, and research.

Our students should be proficient in written and oral communication, and they should have a sound background in a variety of modern biological techniques that will make them adaptable to a myriad of professional positions. Our students should be able to independently develop and conduct research and to disseminate information through a wide array of sources. Our faculty members are active scholars who are current in their respective fields of specialty. We will continually strive to update our academic program as required to reflect the changing needs of society, the scientific community, and professional positions currently available. Furthermore, we will continually assess our academic program to ensure that it is fulfilling the needs of our students and the community.