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FLC Biology Graduates Answer the Question:  What Can You Do With A Biology Degree?

In 2010 the Biology Department created a survey, which was sent to all Biology majors that graduated from Fort Lewis College. The purpose of the survey was to determine what types of careers our Biology graduates chose after attending Fort Lewis College.

Of the respondents - 36% graduated between 2000 what can you do with a biology degreeand 2010, 21 % graduated in the 1990’s and 43% graduated prior to 1990.

57% of the respondents graduated with the General biology degree option. 24% of the respondents graduated with the Environmental degree option and 22% graduated with the Cellular and Molecular option.

Interestingly, 45% went on to do graduate work to obtain a Master’s degree (46%), a doctoral degree (26%) or a professional degree (37%). 70% of the respondents were employed in a field related to biology. Moreover, alumni were four times more likely to be employed in health care or academic fields as in State or Federal jobs involving biology.

Below is a bar graph indicating what types of careers our FLC Biology graduates are currently fulfilling.

Biology careeres bar chart

“Other” jobs include – retired, med tech/nurse/pharmacist/doctor, government, tribe biology, veterinarian, oil & gas, water , telecommunications, hunting guide, self employed renewable energy. 

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NSF Research Fellowship

FLC Biology Graduate, Sara Bombaci, earns a National Science Foundation Research Fellowship for her graduate research project focusing on the effects of restoration in small mammal populations - full story here.