Board of Trustees

John Wells

John Wells, Board of Trustees, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

John attended Fort Lewis College from 1973 to 1978 and graduated with a degree in business administration. In 1979 he entered into the real estate business in Durango. In 1983 John was hired to open up a real estate marketing department for Durango Mountain Resort, then known as Purgatory. He sold the resort's first high rise condominiums at Purgatory in an aggressive new marketing plan for the resort. In 1985, John, along with two partners, opened The Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage in Durango, beginning as a small brokerage in 1985 with a total staff of six individuals, which has grown to a staff of nearly 70 over the years.

John's involvement in the community includes active participation in the Durango Association of Realtors (D.A.A.R.), serving on all committees, Board of Directors and its president for two terms. John was recognized by D.A.A.R. as Realtor of the Year in 1989. John also served as regional vice president for the Colorado Association Realtors, and in two separate vice president positions in the 1990's for the State Association of Realtors.

John assisted Fort Lewis College not only on its Alumni Board and as Alumni President, but also on the Foundation Executive Board as Vice President and recently elected President for 2006-2008. John is also a member of the college's Booster Club and various committees contributing to improving the college. He also guest lectures for the School of Business at Fort Lewis College.

John was elected to the Durango Business Improvement District Board of Directors in 2005. This committee is challenged with enhancing Durango's core business area with active marketing and construction of a conference center.

In addition to serving on the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees, John also served as a director and officer for Animas Conservancy, a land conservation board which approves and secures open space in Southwest Colorado and on a Board which creates and supports affordable housing for the elderly in Southwest Colorado. John is currently a member of the Colorado Forum, La Plata Forum (a Durango Area Forum) along with serving on the Board of Directors for First National Bank of Colorado, Fort Lewis College Foundation Executive Board, Durango Business District Executive Board, and Animas Conservancy Advisory Board.

John Wells filled the vacancy created by the departing Linda Campbell and is serving a term that ends on December 31, 2017.