Budget Office - Budget Advsiory Committee

President’s Budget Advisory Committee

Animas HallThe President’s Budget Advisory Committee is charged with advising, and making recommendations to, the President on matters related to the formulation of College’s annual budget.  To this end, the Committee reviews enrollment information, as well as revenue and expenditure projections provided by the Budget Office.  The Committee deliberates on tuition and fee increases and analyzes budget actions in light of the College’s strategic plan. The budget cycle typically runs from January through April for the upcoming budget year, however, committee meetings can be called outside the normal cycle as needed.

The Fort Lewis College Budget Committee minutes are kept on a secure site. Your access is authorized based on your network username and password.

Please click here to access the current year minutes.

The President's Budget Advisory Committee consists of the following:


  • Michele Peterson, Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Jesse Peters, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Steve Schwartz, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Steve Elias, Dean, School of Business Administration
  • Gary Gianniny, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
  • Michael Martin, President Faculty Senate
  • Chance Salway, ASFLC President
  • Ryan Torres, FAB Director
  • Jaimee McCullough, Classified Employee Member
  • Jeff Dupont, Exempt Employee Member

Non Voting

  • Mitch Davis, Public Information Officer
  • Staci Ewing, Budget Analyst