School of Business Administration

Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board


The Student Advisory Board is dedicated to the continuing progress of the Fort Lewis College School of Business Administration.  The role of the Student Board is two-fold:  First, members provide advice, opinions, and ideas regarding a variety of issues affecting students in business education.  Second, members help to improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of the School of Business Administration in the campus community.
Members of the Student Advisory Board:

  • Provide advice to the Dean of Business on a variety of matters the Dean deems appropriate to the Student Board
  • Serve as a sounding board for projects, educational programs, and external activities
  • Implement projects approved for the Student Board by the Dean
  • Identify opportunities in which faculty and students can be involved with area employers through, for example, Internships, and Service Learning
  • Provide a mechanism for informing the campus community about the capabilities of the School of Business Administration

Student Advisory Board Membership Responsibilities

Active participation enhances a member’s experience on the Student Advisory Board and is vital to the success of the School of Business Administration.  Members are encouraged to engage in activities that match their abilities and interests, and the needs of the business school as determined by the Dean.
Examples include:



Team Projects Working on student projects
Curriculum Contributing input to developing new educational programs or improving existing educational programs
Internships Identifying organizations with summer internships for undergraduate business students
Employment Identifying organizations with employment opportunities
Event Planning Helping plan events for student functions
Others Other creative means of contributing to the business school deemed appropriate by the Dean

Membership on the Board is an important but limited commitment.  The Board has no direct responsibilities. Members will be invited on occasion to special and regular college functions; attendance will not affect Board membership.  The Dean has sole authority for directing the activities of the Student Board.


Membership of the Student Advisory Board shall consist primarily of students who have been interviewed and selected to work as work-study students in the School of Business Administration.  Membership will include School of Business Administration students (no specific proportion of business student representation is required).
Generally, all members of the Student Board will:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain their reputation and standing in the campus community
  • Regularly attend and participate in Student Advisory Board meetings and other functions
  • Contribute to projects approved by the Dean

The Student Advisory Board will consist of at least four (4), but no more than twelve (12), members.  Membership shall be maintained as long as the student remains on the SOBA work-study roster, and the Dean approves.

Chair of the Student Advisory Board

The Administrative Assistant of the School of Business Administration shall serve as the Chair of the Student Advisory Board. The Chair will:

  • Provide the necessary leadership to successfully carry out the Board’s activities
  • Prepare for, attend, and preside at Student Board meetings
  • Attend other important events sponsored by the School of Business Administration, as appropriate
  • Serve as a confidential sounding board to the Dean on issues pertaining to the advancement of the business school

Statement on Legal Liability

The Student Advisory Board is not a governing body of the School of Business Administration or Fort Lewis College.  The Student Advisory Board does not vote on administrative matters, management decisions, personnel issues, faculty appointments, or budgets, by way of example only.  All decisions regarding the business school remain the responsibility of the Dean, and the Provost, President, and Board of Trustees of Fort Lewis College.


The Student Advisory Board shall meet as determined necessary and appropriate by the Dean, in consultation with the Chair of the Student Advisory Board. Meetings can be scheduled as needed to address urgent requests. 

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes will be taken during the meetings of the Student Advisory Board. Action items as determined by the Dean shall be noted. The Chair will review the minutes and send the revised document to the Board members through email for their information and necessary action.  Prior to the next meeting, the Chair should contact the Board members to remind them to report on the resolution of any action items assigned to them.