Employers & Recruiters

Graduates from the School of Business Administration at Fort Lewis College are creative and innovative thinkers prepared for the demands of a dynamic business world.  Being AACSB International accredited, SOBA graduates have been prepared to succeed in a complex business environment vis-á-vis study of a rigorous, current, and meaningful curricula.

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School of Business Internship Program

The School of Business internship program is available to firms who are willing to provide suitable, on-site work experience for the student. We welcome proposals and inquiries from firms interested in having our interns participate in their organization.  Benefits to the firm include:

  1. Observe and evaluate a prospective employee, prior to a possible offer of permanent employment, at a cost substantially lower than the cost of hiring a graduate in a full-time position;
  2. Join other participating firms in an effort that will help the School of Business Administration provide a meaningful incentive for students who want to work for and contribute to business and industry;
  3. Have the satisfaction and obtain the benefits of helping a business student enhance his or her education;
  4. Possible initiation of new projects or implementation of postponed projects; and
  5. Rejuvenate employee interest and enthusiasm with exposure to academically oriented interns

The SOBA internship is a directed experience working in a business organization performing professional duties and responsibilities. Internships can be arranged on a full-time or part-time basis, but a minimum of 150 hours of directed experience will be required. Often, 200-300 hours of on-the-job experience is gained by an intern. Contact us to learn more about the SOBA internship program.