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The School of Business Administration (SOBA) offers an internship program as part of its undergraduate curriculum. The purpose of the program is to provide qualified business majors with professional training and experience not obtainable in a classroom situation. Please submit a completed application to Pat Dommer, Career Services Coordinator (please refer to the application for all of the documents that need to be included with your application).

The college internship program is available to firms who are willing to provide suitable, on-site work experience for the student. We welcome proposals and inquiries from firms interested in having our interns participate in their organization. We also encourage students to seek out, propose, and initiate suitable work experience as internships.

The SOBA internship is a directed experience working in a business organization performing professional duties and responsibilities. Internships can be arranged on a full-time or part-time basis, but a minimum of 150 hours of directed experience will be required. Often, 200-300 hours of on-the-job experience is gained by an intern.

The application process outlined below should be completed two to six months in advance of the anticipated internship start date. Typically, internships coincide with the beginning and ending of a regular term, and summer internships usually begin in May or by the middle of June.

Prerequisites for Student Participation

  • Declared major in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics
  • Completion of a minimum of 80 credit hours, good academic standing, and completion of a sufficient number of courses in business to have the necessary knowledge to perform the requirements.
  • A Business GPA of not less than 3.0 (“B”) and a College cumulative GPA of not less than 2.5 (C+). If GPA requirements are not met, special permission must be granted through the Dean’s Office.

Application Process

  • Obtain a written recommendation evidencing above-average ability from a full-time SOBA faculty member.
  • Complete the Application for Internship, which will include a resume, a statement of internship goals, and a current transcript.
  • Completed application packages will be forwarded to the SOBA for review. A placement interview with the SOBA Career Services Coordinator is required for acceptance into the SOBA Internship Program. Program acceptance does not guarantee placement, only the opportunity to interview with a participating firm(s).


  • Approved applications will be reviewed based on the needs of participating firms.
  • Students are required to schedule interviews with prospective internship agencies. Students usually begin interviewing for positions well in advance (two to six months) of the internship term start date. NOTE: Students must receive SOBA approval for each agency contacted.
  • Upon confirmation of an internship placement, students will be authorized to register for BA 437.

Academic Credit and Compensation

  • The internship must be completed during the course enrollment period.
  • Interns are typically placed in entry-level positions and assigned special projects to enhance the learning experience.
  • Three (3) academic credits are earned upon satisfactory completion of BA 437 requirements.
  • Interns are compensated at a rate that is acceptable to the student and the participating firm. Only in special situations will non-paid internship assignments be approved.

Supervision and Evaluation

The student’s internship performance will be evaluated by his/her supervisor in the business organization, as well as by an assigned college faculty member. The supervisor must complete the Final Evaluation Form.

Academic requirements will include the following:

  • Weekly short analysis paper
  • Organization research paper
  • Final paper
  • Video narrative

The business supervisor’s evaluation is based on rating a variety of set factors in both the individual and managerial and professional areas. A copy of the performance review form is available in the Dean’s Office.

Benefits to Students & the Firm

A business internship program can provide many advantages and benefits to the student and the firm, including:

Advantages to the Student

  1. Professional work experience that will supplement and modify knowledge gained from academic course work, and which should make subsequent academic work more stimulating and meaningful;
  2. An opportunity to assess one's abilities and interests in specific business fields and industry in general;
  3. Inside exposure to a particular firm without a commitment to permanent employment;
  4. A possible position for permanent employment; and
  5. An opportunity to complete a focused project. 

Benefits to the Firm

  1. Observe and evaluate a prospective employee, prior to a possible offer of permanent employment, at a cost substantially lower than the cost of hiring a graduate in a full-time position;
  2. Join other participating firms in an effort that will help the School of Business Administration provide a meaningful incentive for students who want to work for and contribute to business and industry;
  3. Have the satisfaction and obtain the benefits of helping a business student enhance his or her education;
  4. Possible initiation of new projects or implementation of postponed projects; and
  5. Rejuvenate employee interest and enthusiasm with exposure to academically oriented interns