School of Business Administration

Study Abroad Programs Add To A Well-Rounded Education

study abroad

For a well rounded education, travel abroad! The Term Abroad (Semester Abroad) courses are offered through the Junior Term Abroad program (JTA) and are taught by Fort Lewis College Business School faculty members in Europe during the winter and fall terms. The schedule provides for two five-week sessions with two courses offered during each session. Spring Break provides the opportunity to travel in Britain or the Continent.

Generally, the course offerings include at least two junior-level core business courses, as well as an international business course and either a third core course or an upper-division business elective for a total of 12-14 credit hours.

Students who are interested in this travel abroad program should contact the Advising Coordinator of the Business School before taking any upper-division business courses to design term schedules so they don't conflict with the JTA program of study.