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Teaching of Ethics Conference

Saturday, May 20, 2017

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School of Business Administration (SOBA)

Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado

8:30     Registration [SOBA Lobby EBH139]

Please pick up your name tag and the conference program.

9:00     Welcome [Room EBH108]

Paul McGurr, SOBA Dean, Fort Lewis College

9:30-10:30           Session I

Philosophical & Scientific Approaches to Ethics (EBH 108)    Session Chair: Dugald Owen

The Point of Teaching Professional Ethics

Justin P. McBrayer, Philosophy, Fort Lewis College

Applying Philosophic and Sustainability Models:  A Challenge for Business Educators in Teaching Ethics

Elaine J. Labach (Management) & Sarah Roberts-Cady (Philosophy), Fort Lewis College

Is Technology Neutral? Science and Technology Studies for the Future

Megan Paciaroni, Physics and Engineering, Fort Lewis College

Pedagogy in Ethics [Room EBH 110]                               Session Chair: Kaori Takano

Teaching Psychological Ethics at the Undergraduate Level: Using Case Examples and Ethical Dilemmas to Engage Critical Thinking

Megan Wrona, & Betty Dorr, Psychology, Fort Lewis College

Teaching Ethics Through Video & Sound Production: What Students Can Learn From the Art of Storytelling

Brenda Bowyer, WNIT Public Television

A Historical Perspective of Accounting for Modern Moral and Ethical Issues

David J. Pirrone, Accounting, Fort Lewis College


10:30-10:45        Coffee break [SOBA Lobby EBH139]

10:45-11:45        Session II

On-line Education and Technology [Room EBH108]   Session Chair: Jennifer Rider

Ethical Issues in Online Education

Jian Su, Academic Effectiveness & Digital Innovation, Fort Lewis College

Handling Ethics with Technological Advancements

Lauren Smith, Political Science, Fort Lewis College

Examining Ethics of Care in Our Online Discourse with Students

Jennifer Rider, Teacher Education, Fort Lewis College

Pedagogy in Ethics  [EBH110]                                 Session Chair: Dugald Owen

Teaching Philosophical Ethics and the New Campus Climate or:  How I Learned To Stop   Worrying and Love Teaching Theory

Joel A. Martinez, Philosophy, Lewis & Clark College

A Historical Look at Ethics in the Economy

Viktor Shmagin, History, Fort Lewis College

The Ethics of the Unseen

Deborah Walker, Economics, Fort Lewis College

11:45-12:45          Lunch Buffet [SOBA Lobby EBH 139]

12:45-1:45           Session III 

Business Ethics [EBH 108]                                       Session Chair: Dugald Owen

Ethics Applied to Financial Services

Gordon M. Stringer, Finance, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Consumer Privacy and Online Advertising: Ethical Issues in Remarketing and User Tracking

Tomasz Miaskiewicz, Marketing, Fort Lewis College & Grzegorz Miaskiewicz, Integral Ad Science

Ethics in Tourism

Lorraine L. Taylor, Management, Fort Lewis College

Pedagogy in Ethics [EBH 110]                                  Session Chair: Kaori Takano

Impact of Ethics-Case-Competition Participation on Ethics Perspective

Michael Vieregge, Jeffrey L. Dykes, & Tom Miller, Western State Colorado University

Adventure Education Methods for Teaching Ethics

Wes Leland, Adventure Education, Fort Lewis College

Teaching Ethics in the Math Classroom

Autumn von Flotow & Daisy Matthews, Mathematics, Fort Lewis College

1:45-2:00          Session Break

2:00-3:00         Session IV 

Ethics in Research [EBH 108]                                   Session Chair: Dugald Owen

Beyond the IRB: Introducing Students to the Complex Ethical Issues Involved in Modern Psychological Research Through Replication

Natasha Tidwell & Sue Kraus, Psychology, Fort Lewis College

Metacognition as a Strategy to Foster Ethical Research: Pedagogical Approaches to Support Student Writers

Michelle Bonanno, Mark Brenden, and Ayla Moore, Writing Program, Fort Lewis College

Responsible Conduct in Research: Making it Applicable to Undergraduate Researchers

Marnie Clay & Les Sommerville, MARC Program, Fort Lewis College

Culture and Ethics [EBH 110]                                    Session Chair: Betty Ross

Different Ideas of Ethics Lead to Different Types of Bullying

Tomomi Watanabe, Teacher Education, Waseda University

The Dark Side of Japanese Society, Karoshi, Overwork Death

Mizuki Shibata, Political Science and Economics, Waseda University

Native American/Alaskan Native Aspects of Ethical Reasoning

Betty M. E. Ross, SW Colorado Small Business Development Center, Fort Lewis College            

3:00-3:15            Refreshment SOBA Lobby EBH 139 [Coffee & Tea]

3:15-4:15            Session V

Case Studies in the Professions [EBH 108]                           Session Chair: Kaori Takano

Teaching Ethics in a “Spanish for the Professions” Class

David Vásquez-Hurtado, Modern Languages, Fort Lewis College

Ethical Challenges in Professional Academic Advising         

Laurel Sweeney & Crystal Fankhauser, Office of Student Success, Fort Lewis College

Corporate Culture as a Reflection of Taught Ethics

Darren Mathews, Human Resources, Ringling College of Art and Design

Pedagogy in Ethics [EBH 110]                                     Session Chair: Dugald Owen

Cooperation Versus Plagiarism in Upper Division Mathematics Courses

Laura Scull, Mathematics, Fort Lewis College

A Philosophical Approach to Teaching Ethics in Non-Philosophy Courses

Sarah Roberts-Cady, Philosophy, Fort Lewis College

Ideas for Teaching Ethics

James S. Cross, Exercise Science, Fort Lewis College

4:15            Refreshment SOBA Lobby EBH 139 [Coffee & Tea]

Program chairs

Kaori Takano, School of Business Administration, Fort Lewis College

Dugald Owen, Department of Philosophy, Fort Lewis College

Program coordinator

Tomomi Watanabe, Teacher Education, Waseda University