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School of Business Advising
Elain Labach, PhD - Management and Advising Coordinator
Elaine Labach, PhD
  Advising Coordinator

While you are here at Fort Lewis College, the faculty at the School of Business Administration are here to guide you on your academic path.  Our goal is to partner with you to create meaningful educational paths that are compatible with your life and career goals. For advising questions please:

Managing your Courses and Credits

Correcting Webcapp Errors – If you have courses/credits that are not correctly showing up in Webcapp or various requirements are showing as “Not Met”, please generate a new Webcapp to make sure the errors have not already been corrected. Click here to learn how to generate a new Webcapp. If the errors persist, schedule an appointment with the SOBA Advising Coordinator before contacting grad check.

Applying for an Incomplete GradePlease click here to download the Incomplete Grade Request form and policy. For students who have been approved to graduate, you must clear the Incomplete by census date of the following term. Otherwise, you will need to reapply for graduation.

Requesting a Credit Overload – Students may petition to register for a credit overload (which is more than 18 credits in Fall or Spring semester or more than 12 credits during the Summer).  Download the Overload form.

Waivers and Substitutions - If you want to waive a specific class or credits or substitute one class for another, please click here.

Registration information

Obtaining an Override – if you would like to request an override to register for an Instructor Permission, pre-requisite, and/or course restriction via WebOpus, contact the instructor of the course you are trying to register into.  Faculty may use webopus to grant overrides in special circumstances prior to the first week of class.  During the second week of class, students must use a paper-add slip to get registered. 

Independent Study - The SOBA Advising Coordinator must register students for this course. Prior to registering for these courses, students must apply and work with an individual faculty member. Click here to make a request online.

  • Unscheduled – The policy and independent study petition for BA or ECON 299/499 are located here. Students should fill out, sign and ask faculty member to sign and then forward to SOBA Advising Coordinator.
  • Scheduled – Application for BA392 is located here.  Students should fill out, sign, and ask faculty member to sign and then forward to SOBA Advising Coordinator.

Internship – Students should apply for an internship with Career Services coordinator.  If students meet the criteria for an internship, the SOBA Advising Coordinator will override them to allow them to register for BA437. The SOBA Advising Coordinator must register students for this course.

Any Unscheduled SOBA Class – students should work with an individual faculty member to complete the Adding Unscheduled Class form and submit to SOBA Advising Coordinator for signature prior to submitting this form to the registrar’s office. The SOBA Advising Coordinator must register students for this course.

Waitlist – Students who are on a waitlist are reminded to check their status frequently.  Learn how to add your name to the waitlist. Students who are on the waitlist may ask the instructor to add them to the class during the second week of class, using a paper Add form. 

Applying for Graduation

See the information on Registrar’s web page under “Apply to Graduate”.

Online Advising Service Request

To request an advising service online, please click here. Requests will be checked several times each business day with the goal of responding to 90% of all online requests within one business day.