School of Business Administration Study Abroad Programs

You can take FLC management and accounting courses in Heidelberg, Germany with Professors Doug and Chris Lyon in the Summer of 2019.

Download the School of Business study abroad information sheet.

The faculty at the School of Business Administration (SOBA) is proud to offer a variety of study abroad opportunities to our students.
SOBA has a long and rich tradition spanning over 20 years of offering travel and coursework in a large variety of interesting countries and locations. These courses always fill up readily, are very well received, and offer some of the most interesting and fun education experiences imaginable to students. There is no substitute for experiential learning and these programs make it possible for students to be fully immersed in language, culture, history, tradition, travel, host families, and much, much more. We find it is not uncommon for these experiences to be life-changing for the students that take advantage of this opportunity. One is never quite able to see the world the same way after living, traveling, and studying abroad whether it be for a five-week summer session or for a full semester.

The programs are led and the courses are taught by the same SOBA faculty that teach in Durango and are typically courses from our current catalog. Coursework typically counts directly towards students’ graduation requirements; thus facilitating a 4-year graduation plan. These courses take full advantage of the cultural, geographic, political, and economic environments in which they are engaged. Students who have studied abroad have the opportunity to develop language skills, are more competitive in the job market domestically here in the U.S. and other countries internationally. These students also have a great advantage over other students for placement in graduate school programs.

The faculty at the School of Business Administration works hard to make these programs available to our students every year. We are proud to offer these well-rounded travel abroad programs recognizing that this is one of the opportunities that makes a degree from the School of Business Administration so meaningful, valuable and different. 

For more information about upcoming SOBA Study Abroad please contact:

Doug Lyon, Ph.D.


Chris Lyon, M.S., CPA