Hawk Tank Business Plan Competition

Registration Information

Please attach a maximum two-page, doubled- spaced Word Document of your proposed business. We recognize that all of the requested information may not available at this time. Or, perhaps, you are in need of additional workshops and training to provide the requested information. Please complete your registration to the best of your abilities (Final business plan submission due on March 27, 2017).

Consider including the following:

  1. Business Opportunity

Provide a brief description of the business opportunity. The description should include the specific product and/or service as well as the target market. Please be sure to include information concerning the “problem” (i.e., “need”) your product and/or service is trying to solve as well as how your business will solve the “problem” (i.e., “need”). 

  1. Company Overview

Provide some detail concerning how the business will function and how your organization will create and capture value (i.e., business model).

  1. Management Team

Provide a list of key members of the team. Please include all team member qualifications and their role in the proposed business.

  1. Products or Services

Provide a description of the products and/or services. Please include details concerning your product and/or services competitive advantages (e.g., “how better than your competitors”). 

  1. Market Analysis

Provide a description of the target market and competition.   

  1. Required Funds and Uses

Provide an overview of the financial resources needed to start your proposed business as well as how the resources will be used.

  1. Summary of Financial Projections

Provide an overview of the first three years of financial projections. Considering including a cash flow statement, profit & loss statement, and balance sheet.

As stated above, please complete your proposed business overview to the best of your abilities. Omissions, due to lack of knowledge and expertise, will not disqualify your registration from the competition. However, the omissions should provide participants with specific areas requiring additional training and resources (i.e., available via workshops, mentoring, etc.). 

Participants will have approximately two months to complete their final business plan (due March 19, 2018).

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