* Issued: 6-1-73
* Revised: 03-14

I. The College cashier receives payments from students, faculty and staff, other College Departments and other customers. Payments include cash, checks, credit cards, wire transfers and electronic funds transfers. Receipts are issued for all payments received and are recorded in the accounting records. Collections are balanced to the accounting records and are deposited into the College's bank account on a daily basis.


A. Amount of Payment - Generally checks will only be accepted for the amount due.

B. Payable to Fort Lewis College - All checks will be payable to Fort Lewis College.

C. Restrictive Endorsement - All checks will be endorsed with a "For Deposit Only" stamp when received.

D. Post-Dated Checks - The College will not accept post-dated checks for payment.

E. Returned Check Charge - Checks returned for insufficient funds or because a bank account has been closed will incur a returned check charge according to the College's approved fee schedule.


Payments must be from a credit card company (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) that has a contract with the College and can be accepted for the amount of purchase only.

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