Business Policies

Policy 1-12: Student Book Voucher Fund

Issued: 10-74

Revised: 02-14


The purpose of the Student Book Voucher Fund is to allow students to purchase necessary books and educational supplies between the first day of classes and census day, in cases where they are waiting on verifiable student aid such as loans, scholarships, grants or VA benefits, which have not yet been received.


The Fort Lewis College Book Voucher Fund is maintained to provide book vouchers to currently enrolled Fort Lewis College students making satisfactory progress and in good standing according to Department of Education guidelines and who are enrolled at least one half time. 

Approved book vouchers will be redeemable in the Fort Lewis College Bookstore (Follett) for the purchase of books and educational supplies. The maximum voucher amount is $500, including tax due at the time of purchase. Book vouchers are only available from the first day of class through census date and will be disbursed as Skycash on the student's Skycard.  The book voucher will be repaid by deducting the amount of the voucher from student aid when it is received.  Failure to receive these funds does not mean that the recipient does not owe the balance.  A minimal service charge is assessed for each voucher ($10), which is returned to the Book Voucher Fund.

The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for approving book voucher applications. Students are required to sign a promissory note as part of the Book Voucher Application.  The Accounts Receivable Office may recommend disapproval of a voucher if:

A. Book voucher funds have been temporarily depleted.

B. The student has existing unpaid notes, has a history of failure to meet financial obligations, or owes the College amounts which are past due. Generally, only one book voucher at a time will be approved for an individual student.

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