Business Policies

Policy 5-2: Parking Lot Funding

  • Issued: 1-5-91
  • Revised: 7-98


To set for policy and establish procedures for the fiscal management and responsibilities for College parking lot funding.


Campus parking is an enterprise that by College policy is to be self-supporting. That is, revenues from parking should be sufficient to pay for all costs associated with parking. Fine revenue should pay for enforcement and collection while permit (decal) fee revenues should pay for maintenance and construction.

A. Enforcement and Collection - Enforcement and collection requires expenditures for labor, material, computing cost involved in writing tickets, handling paper records, entering data, answering complaints, administering appeals, mailing notices and identifying vehicles. Also, costs associated with parking lot stripping and signs are to be funded by parking fines.

B. Maintenance and Construction - Maintenance and construction requires expenditures for routine repair and chip-seal. It also includes restoration of deteriorated parking lots and construction of new parking lots.


Physical Plant Services (PPS) is responsible for the development of the Capital Improvements Program for parking. This includes general repair and maintenance as well as new construction. In coordination with Student Services, PPS is responsible for stripping and signs.

Student Affairs is responsible for enforcement and collection. Student Affairs also coordinates stripping and signs with PPS.

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