Business Policies

Policy 4-16: Voluntary Reduction of Work Schedule or Contract

* Issued: 2-03
* Revised: 7-05


The purpose of this policy is to provide:

A. A mechanism to allow employees to voluntarily request a reduction in their work contract or work schedule on a permanent or temporary basis.

B. A consistent means of approval or denial of the request.


A. An employee requesting a voluntary reduction of contract for exempt staff or a voluntary reduction of work schedule for classified staff may submitt an request at any time.

B. During special circumstances, the president will notify the campus community, via email, of the policy and the process to be used to make a request when there is a specified application period.


A. A printable application is available by selectingRequest for Voluntary Reduction of Work Schedule or Contract Application. A complete application must be accompanied by a written statement that includes:

1. How the primary and secondary functions of the employee's job will be affected if the reduction is granted

2. Proposed schedule

B. Applications must be returned to the employee's supervisor.

C. Applications must be reviewed and signed by:

1. Immediate supervisor

2. Appropriate vice president

3. Appointing authority for classified staff requests

4. President for exempt staff

D. Written documentation must be maintained in employee personnel files, including both accepted and rejected applications and the reasons for acceptance or rejection. Such reasons may be:

1. Workload issues

2. An essential employee who performs a singular function

3. Schedule must be approved by immediate supervisor and/or appropriate vice president


A. The Human Resources Office will reduce pay from the approved requests for temporary voluntary furloughs.

B. Amended contracts will be issued for approved permanent reductions in contracts and pay will be reduced accordingly.

C. The Human Resources Office will reduce pay accordingly for classified staff from the approved requests for reduction in work schedule. Note: For classified employees requesting a reduction in work schedule, if the reduced scope of work involves the removal of elements of their job which justify the existing classification, the employee could be allocated to a lesser classification.

Request for Voluntary Reduction of Work Schedule or Contract Application

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