Issued: 11-01
Revised: 10-05

This policy aims to:

A. Guide the Fort Lewis College campus towards becoming a more sustainable campus.

B. Promote the understanding of our personal and institutional impacts on the environment.

C. Create an environmental awareness in all campus citizens.

D. Promote collaboration with surrounding communities on environmental issues.


Fort Lewis College aims to minimize the environmental impact of our institution and promote greater environmental awareness through all of its activities.


Fort Lewis College therefore is committed to work collectively and actively to:

A. Conserve natural resources (such as energy and water) through responsible resource management, encouragement of reduction in materials, and efficiency in all activities.

B. Minimize all solid waste by reduced consumption, reuse of materials, the effective use of waste management and recycling procedures, and technology in campus and recycling operations.

C. Use the State purchasing system to move towards the use of environmentally friendly products with minimum packaging and the use of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

D. Develop a transportation policy that encourages the use of public transport and provides improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

E. Increase awareness of environmental and sustainable responsibilities amongst staff and students through staff development and training, and through appropriate initiatives in teaching and research.

F. Provide appropriate and timely information in response to questions about environmental health and safety issues.

G. Minimize any adverse environmental impact of any new Fort Lewis College development.

H. Maintain Fort Lewis College's estate in an environmentally sensitive way.


The President's Advisory Council on Environmental Affairs and the Environmental Center will work with the Fort Lewis College administration within the policy as appropriate to advise, direct, and implement the initiatives outlined above to achieve the stated goal.


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