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Policy 8-2: Purchasing


* Issued: 6-30-74
* Revised: 8-13
* Approved:


A. Purpose
This policy outlines the responsibilities and procedures for authorized procurement methods used to secure goods and services required by the Fort Lewis College.

B. Authority
Pursuant to Section 24-101-301 of the C.R.S., on September 14, 2005, the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees adopted a resolution exempting Fort Lewis College from the State of Colorado Procurement Code and the State of Colorado Procurement Rules to be effective November 1, 2005.

Effective November 1, 2005, the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules became the governing rules by which all goods and services for Fort Lewis College are acquired.

As per the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules, the Director of Purchasing is the only person authorized to purchase goods or services for the College, unless such specific delegation of authority is made to another employee.


The Fort Lewis College Purchasing Office was established to support and facilitate the educational, research, and public service missions of the College through the acquisitions of goods and services by applying best business practices that provide for public confidence in the College. Within the context of the college environment, the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules ensure a purchasing process of quality and integrity, broad based competition, fair and equal treatment of the business community, increased economy in the purchasing process, and uniform procurement procedures.


No employee of the College is empowered to incur any obligation or make any commitment on behalf of the College for procurement of goods or services except as provided in the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules.

Consistent with the provisions of these rules, the Director of Purchasing may adopt operational procedures governing the internal purchasing functions of the College, including purchases at the department level using the College’s procurement card and purchase orders. Under these rules, the Purchasing Office is the final authority for the selection of vendors, and the sole authority for the commitment of College funds with respect to the procurement of goods and services.

The Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules apply to all purchases regardless of the funding source.

Every commitment of the College for supplies and equipment is required to be in accordance with procedures outlined in the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules and other applicable instructions including Statute 24-109-404 of the Colorado Revised Statutes which states: “If any department, institution or agency purchases any supplies, materials or equipment contrary to the provision of the rules and regulations made hereunder, the head of such department, institution or agency and the employee actually making such purchase shall be personally liable for the costs, thereof, and if such supplies, material or equipment are so unlawfully purchased and paid for out of State monies, the amount thereof may be recovered in the name of the State in an appropriate action instituted therefore.”


A properly completed purchase order issued by the Purchasing Office, or a Fort Lewis College procurement card, are the mechanisms which officially commit College funds for the acquisition of supplies, materials, or equipment.

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Office to insure that a purchase order is completed in accordance with College policy.

The Central Stores purchasing agent is responsible for receiving all items delivered to the College and for the preparation of receiving reports relating to these items as prescribed by Fort Lewis College Central Receiving procedures.

A.  General Procurement Rules

$5,000 or less: College departments have discretionary purchasing authority

NOTE:  The College procurement card is the required mechanism for purchases totaling $5,000 or less. The Purchasing Office may issue purchase orders for purchases totaling $5,000 or less when the procurement card is not an option.

$5,001 through $10,000: purchases of goods are processed at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing via submission of a requisition and resulting purchase order issued by the Purchasing Office

$5,001 through $25,000: purchases of services are processed at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing via a Fort Lewis College Contract and/or purchase order

$10,001 through $150,000: competition for goods is sought via the Documented Quote process

$25,001 through $150,000: competition for services is sought via the Documented Quote process

$150,001 and greater: competition for goods and services is sought via either the "Invitation for Bids" or "Request for Proposals" process

B.  Other Procurement Option
The only other option for paying vendors, other than procurement cards or purchase orders is a Check Request Form. Check Request Forms are used for payment of purchases under $5000 and only when the procurement card is not accepted as a form of payment.

For complete policies and procedures, see the Fort Lewis College Procurement Rules.

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