Business Policies

Policy 7-1: Hazardous Materials Management

* Issued: 6-00
* Revised: 10-03


The Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College is committed to safe and environmentally responsible hazardous materials management. The Hazardous Materials Management Policy is designed to protect the safety and health of students, employees, visitors, staff and the community; protect the environment; minimize or prevent generation of hazardous wastes; comply with federal, state and local regulations; minimize liability and reduce waste disposal costs.

The Board adopted the following Hazardous Materials Management Policy in October, 2003.


Specific objectives of the Policy include:

1. Developing, where appropriate, guidelines for chemical purchasing.

2. Developing and maintaining a chemical inventory tracing and redistribution system where feasible and cost effective, including appropriate security and records retention.

3. Sharing material safety data sheet databases.

4. Providing hazardous waste training and educational materials.

5. Developing waste minimization programs where appropriate.

6. Encouraging optimization of chemical use, including use of least hazardous chemicals appropriate to fill educational and research needs, minimization of use of hazardous substances and implementation of acceptable waste management and disposal techniques, all in a manner consistent with College education, research and service missions.

7. Developing contracts for hazardous waste storage, transportation and disposal where feasible and cost effective.

8. Encouraging development and utilization of cost-effective and environmentally responsible pollution prevention and waste reduction technologies or methods, which will assure compliance with applicable regulations and minimize liability.

9. Encouraging coordination of Hazardous Materials Management Policy with its emergency response and evacuation plans and procedures.

10. Requiring assessment of environmental conditions in connection with acquisition of real property by purchase, gift or lease.

The President of the College shall designate a qualified individual as Hazardous Materials Manager who shall be responsible for developing and carrying out programs and policies that achieve and implement the objectives of the Board Hazardous Materials Management Policy and assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These programs and policies shall be consistent with the CCHE Policy Outline.

All employees and appointees of the Board are directly responsible for compliance with the College programs and policies on a day-to-day basis.

This Hazardous Materials Management Policy shall be posted in several conspicuous locations on the campus and shall be available for inspection in the office of the Hazardous Materials Manager.


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