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Assessment Committee: Selection and Opt-out Procedures for Faculty Scorers for LAC Assessment.

Faculty Selection Procedure

The Office of Assessment and Assessment Committee members have access privileges to the selection spreadsheet hosted on Google Drive’s shared environment. Any update made to the live spreadsheet should be done on Google Drive to maintain accuracy across individuals and file updates.

All faculty completing their 2nd year become eligible for selection. Faculty selected will not be selected again until all other faculty members have served.

Estimated ratio of 1x every 5 years.

Procedure for faculty selection:

1) Faculty Selection Spreadsheet is downloaded from Google Drive.

2) In Excel, random selection is generated at AC meeting culling 20 scorers from estimated 110 eligible faculty members (updated spreadsheet should be ready by this date). Random selection will be generated by grouping faculty into ‘areas’ and categorized by individuals who have served or not served (using numerical system). New randomization would occur each year to include new faculty that have completed two years total.[1]

3) An email announcement is sent to all faculty to publicize SEC voting outcome.

4) A secondary email is sent to selected faculty outlining service obligation details, norming session dates and opt-out information.

Opt-out Procedure

The following outlines appropriate procedures in which faculty, who have been

selected, are given the opportunity to opt-out.

Procedure for opting-out:

1st time selection: The faculty member is able to opt-out one time without any written justification. Faculty wishing to opt-out need to let AC know by deadline (one week’s time of being selected) that they are not available for service.

2nd time selection: The faculty member (without having served as a scorer) must provide a written justification of reasoning for opting out. This letter will be shared with their chair. The chair would then contact AC to provide their support for the faculty’s request or to encourage them to not opt-out. The AC would not review to approve or reject.

Sample situations in which opting-out can occur:

•  Chosen faculty member has too many service obligations.

•  Chosen faculty member teaches a course that is being assessed.

•  Chosen faculty is on sabbatical; or is scheduled to be on sabbatical during selected term.

•  Chosen faculty member is out on parental leave; or is scheduled for parental leave during selected term.

•  Chosen faculty member is out on medical condition.

If faculty member decides to opt-out: they are placed on a separate list (opt-out list) that is reintroduced to the Faculty Selection Spreadsheet for selection the next year. Faculty member will be included in the listing of available faculty available to serve; selection may or may not occur.

Unresponsive Faculty

Faculty who are selected and do not opt-out, and do not come to the norming session will receive a letter from the AC. This letter is short, simple and states that the individual was selected to score, yet did not opt-out. Despite being unresponsive, selected faculty are still expected to score and have the ability to view the recorded norming session online. If faculty member does not score, a letter will be sent to faculty member’s department chair and personnel committee detailing these actions. If needed, the respective Dean would intervene to discuss implications with unresponsive faculty member.


[1] Note: The two-year completion is contingent on all ranks. For example, a tenure-track professor completing their 2nd year is eligible. A newly hired associate professor is eligible upon first year.