Mission Statement

We promote the growth and development of the children and families through the supportive education in a safe, nurturing and accepting environment. We welcome higher education students and learners throughout the community to participate in our program and believe that their experience here directly contributes to their professional and personal growth.


Our program is based on the assumption that children learn best when guided to actively explore and experiment with their environment. We acknowledge that children learn individually, in different ways, and at different rates. Children’s abilities are challenged, stimulated and supported in an atmosphere of developmentally and age appropriate experiences. We respect families as the child’s first teachers and understand that our primary role is to be supportive of each unique family. We not only care about the educational enrichment and the daily needs of that child, but also about the needs of the individual families we serve. Open communication between staff and families is vital in building a healthy partnership to ensure optimal growth of the children in our center.