If you choose to withdraw your child from the program, three weeks (21 days) advanced notice is required to ensure the center has time to fill your child’s vacated placement. Child care charges may be prorated for the month of attendance if your child is withdrawn mid-month, but parents will be responsible for full monthly payment if advance notice is not provided.

If, by the decision of the director, a family is asked to leave the center, two weeks notice will be provided. Reasons for dismissal from the program include:

  1. Failure to provide health/ immunization and other records within 30 days of enrollment or on annual basis
  2. Failure to pay childcare charges (with no payment plan established)
  3. Failure of the program to meet the needs of the child
  4. Your child constitutes a safety or legal hazard to themselves, other children, staff or the program (see “Behavior Policy”)

Note: In the case of a violent/ unsafe child, less than 2 weeks notice may be provided by the center to ensure the safety of others