Campbell Child and Family Center


2016-2017 Base Rate for monthly care (year-round, full-time, Monday through Friday, 8.5 hour days per week):

Security Fee (to secure slot, one-time payment) $150.00 per child upon initial enrollment
Toddler 1 Caterpillars, 1-to-2 years old $815.00 monthly
Toddler 2 Tadpoles, 2-to-3 years old $750.00 monthly
Preschool 1 Lightning Bugs, 3-to-4 years old $700.00 monthly
Preschool 2 Rainbow Fish, 4-to-5 years old $700.00 monthly


To accommodate college student parents and faculty, Campbell Center now offers tuition rates based on differing days—3 days/week early morning or late afternoon classes, 2 days/week early morning or late afternoon classes, and required lab hours in conjunction with classes IN ADDITION TO the 8.5 hour/day Base Rate.  A class/work schedule copy must be submitted along with the Enrollment Agreement & Financial Contract Form.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month. Families will receive a monthly tuition bill on or after the 20th prior to the following month.  Unless written payment plans are approved by the director, late payment may be grounds for dismissal.

Child Care fees are based on enrollment, NOT attendance.  If a child is absent due to illness or vacation, the fee will remain in place as the center will have kept their place open and still have to employ and pay staff.

Please be aware of tuition changes for the 2016-2017 School Year.  The tuition change has taken effect on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  For tuition rates, refer to the form titled Enrollment Agreement & Financial Contract under Enrollment & Forms.


Funding is available for low-income families and students.  Parents needing financial assistance should talk with the director about available funding and eligibility requirements.