Campbell Child and Family Center - Waitlist Information


Campbell Child & Family Center currently places families from a waitlist for preschoolers and toddlers.  The center maintains 3 policies in accessing childcare with our program:

  1. All children must be enrolled at the center on a full-time basis. Full-time is defined by at least 5 hours daily at the rate of an 8-hour slot, Monday through Friday. Because Campbell Center does not offer drop-in care, we do not waitlist for part-time care requests (less than 5 hours/day and/or less than 5 days/week).
  2. Placement on Campbell Center Waitlist is as follows:

  • FIRST LEVEL based on affiliation:
    • 1ST PRIORITY -- Siblings of children who are currently enrolled at the center;
    • 2ND PRIORITY -- Students of FLC
    • 3RD PRIORITY -- Faculty, Staff of FLC
    • 4TH PRIORITY -- Community members not affiliated with Fort Lewis College.
  • SECOND LEVEL for each category based on year enrollment:
    1. Year-round;
    2. School Year Plus one summer session;
    3. School Year Only.
  1. Upon enrollment, a non-refundable security fee of $150 per child is required to to hold your spot.
    Tuition is due by the 1st of each month or your child’s placement will be forfeited.
    Current monthly tuition for an 8-hour slot:
  • $845 (Toddler I classroom, 10 capacity: ages 1-to-2);
  • $790 (Toddler II classroom, 12 capacity: ages 2-to-3);
  • $745 (Preschool I classroom, ages 3-to-4; and Preschool II classroom, ages 4-to-5; each 16 capacity).
  • Maximum 10 hours/day at increased rates per month.

FLC STUDENTS NOTE: please be prepared to submit 2 documents confirming your student status: Certificate of Enrollment (free from WebOpus) and your class schedule.

The following issues help clarify concerns about our program and waitlist:

  1. Each spring, we begin to offer a slot to waitlisted children for the upcoming fall. However, throughout the school year, a slot may become available when another family leaves the center. If your child does not enter Campbell Center in the fall, your child(ren) remains on the waitlist in chronological order per classroom. When a slot becomes available, families are contacted based upon the date placed on the waitlist with priority given as described above. All offers of enrollment occur via email so it is important to keep the Campbell Center updated.
  2. iF a slot has been offered and you choose to postpone placement by asking to remain on the waitlist, your waitlist date will change to the day you postpone and your child(ren) will remain on the waitlist. No Response after notice has been given of an available slot will be determined as a Decline and your child(ren) will be removed from the waitlist. After Removal: if you wish to stay on the waitlist, you must re-submit the required information and a new waitlist date is set according to the date we receive your information again.
  3. Periodically, parents/guardians on the waitlist will receive emails asking to update and review the information we have received. No Response to update requests will be determined as a Decline as stated above.
  4. Children placed in the toddler room “age forward” through our center (like elementary school); children move together each year into the next classroom until they reach kindergarten (5 years old by/on September 1st). The same method applies to the waitlist as your child ages forward.

How to add your child to Campbell's Wait List:

Campbell Child & Family Center accepts children on our waitlist exclusively through email requests.  If you would like to be waitlisted, please provide the following information and email to

  1. In subject line of email, type Waitlist Information
  2. Child(ren)'s first and last name
  3. Their date of birth (to determine classroom assignment)
  4. Parent/Guardian name(s)
  5. Contact information – phone numbers, email address, mailing address
  6. Are you a full-time employee/student of Fort Lewis College?  Community member? (Students, add expected graduation date.)
  7. Choose Year-Round or School Year Plus one summer session or School Year Only.

You will receive a confirmation email to show we received your waitlist request; your waitlist date is effective the date of your email request. This serves as your receipt for any future concerns about waitlist order. If you do not have email access, please contact the center at 970-247-7679 to arrange for assistance in placing your family on our waitlist.

We recognize there is a critical shortage of childcare in Durango.  We encourage you to look into all area childcare centers.  Please contact Southwest Office of Child Care Resource & Referral for information of all licensed providers in this region, the ages of children accepted and vacancies, 970-247-0760.

Early Childhood Council of La Plata County website:

To apply for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP), you must reside in Colorado.
La Plata County Human Services:

Also see Colorado Office of Early Childhood Department of Human Services website: