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X-tras: A List of Community Resources  

We encourage families to take advantage of all of the wonderful community resources available to help enrich the lives of your child. Please utilize the following list of community providers and parenting web resources to help your family and child grow and learn outside of the school setting:

Emergency Services (call #911 in any true emergency):

Durango Fire & Rescue                                                          382-6000

La Plata County Sheriff                                                          247-1155

Mercy Medical Center                                                            247-4311

Human/ Social Services:

Alternative Horizons (Domestic Violence)                      247-9619

Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)                                             800-359-1991      

La Plata County Dept. of Human Services                      382-6150

      (Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANF, etc.)

Legal Aid                                                                                     247-0266

San Juan Basin Health Department                                  247-5702

SW Colorado Mental Health Center                                 259-2162

Southwest Safehouse (Domestic Violence Shelter)    259-5443

Family Services:

Adult Education Center                                                        385-4354

Family Center of Durango                                                   385-4747

Women’s Resource Center                                                  247-1242

Children’s Educational Services:

San Juan BOCS (Special Education ages 3-5)                   247-3261

San Juan Kids (Special Education ages 0-3)                      385-3498

Children’s Activities:

Children’s Museum of Durango                                          259-9234

Durango Nature Studies                                                       382-9244

Family Activities:

Durango Arts Center                                                              259-2606

Durango Community Recreation Center                       375-7300

Durango Mountain Resort                                                  247-9000

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RR                          247-2733

El Centro De Muchos Colores                                            247-7654

Ft. Lewis College Community Concert Hall                   247-7657

Trimble Hot Springs                                                              247-0111

Parenting Resources on the web

Parenting Counts

Parenting Counts is the research-based family of products developed by Talaris Institute to support parents and caregivers in raising socially and emotionally healthy children. - Cached

baby center

Zero To Three

Growing child

Growing Child is a monthly newsletter that helps you understand your child — why he does certain things at certain times, what he's learning by doing them, and what you can do to help him develop.

Each monthly issue of Growing Child matches the age of your child. Growing Child will keep you informed about what to expect at each stage of your child's development, and how to deal with each month's changes and challenges.