CARE - Campus Assault Resources and Education

Reporting FAQs

What are my primary duties as a responsible employee?

  • You MUST make a report  about sexual misconduct which is reported to you to the Title IX Coordinator , including names of the individuals involved or who witnessed aspects of the incident, date, time and location
  • If you have a reasonable basis for knowing about sexual misconduct, you must report it. Therefore, if you are aware of sexual misconduct indirectly, for example because you overheard something, a third party told you about it, or a student referenced it in an assignment, report it.

What should I tell a student if they are about to tell me about sexual misconduct?

  • Let them know about your reporting duties (above), preferably before they disclose fully.
  • Make sure the student knows the following information from the CARE sheet.
    • The student can report to police, to confidential resources, to the Coordinator directly, and/or through you.  The student can use any or all of these reporting options.
    • The College has a strong anti-retaliation policy.  
  • Let the student know that in planning any response, the wishes of the reporting student are given full consideration. Nevertheless, the Institute may need to pursue a certain path despite the wishes of the student, but usually only if there is a broader safety risk for the community.

What should I do, as a student tells me about what happened?

  • Listen actively and respectfully.  Respect the student’s wishes about how they will proceed (whether they wish to report beyond the Title IX Coordinator; access medical care; access interim support measures from the college, etc.).  Keep the information private, beyond the Title IX Coordinator.  Let the student know they will hear from the Coordinator for the purpose of offering further support.
  • Review the CARE sheet.
  • Consider following up later to see how the student is doing, in coordination with the Title IX Coordinator.

What if I’m unsure about whether something needs to be reported?

  • Consult with the Title IX Coordinator:

    Molly Wieser
    230 Miller Student Services
    Fort Lewis College
    (970) 247-7241