Graduate School Resources

Is graduate school right for me? Ask yourself these questions, because graduate school is different than your undergraduate experience.

Consider these points:

  • Graduate work requires a larger work commitment in time, labor, and intellectual vigor.
  • Is it worth it?  It's expensive! Evaluate your return on your investment.
  • The admission process can take as long as six to nine months.
  • Top programs may require applying a year in advance.
  • Your program may have additional admission requirements & earlier deadlines.
  • Identify 3 - 5 potential schools that meet your career goals.
  • Do you know your career goals?

Graduate School Process

  1. Assess: Does graduate school meets your goals?
  2. Research Programs: Look into several graduate schools & programs.
  3. Study & Take the Entrance Exam (if needed): Determine what graduate school entrance exam you need for admission, if any.
  4. Prepare Application Materials: Write your statement of purpose, resume or CV, fill out the application, get a copy of your official transcripts, and have them reviewed/edited by several professionals.
  5. Gather Letters of Recommendation: Typically you'll need 2-3 references.
  6. Apply: Pay application fees and meet deadlines--typically between October - February prior to your start date.  All materials & test scores must be turned in by the deadline.
  7. Visit Schools: Meet faculty & current graduate students, check out facilities & location.
  8. Decide!  Pick the best school & offer for your career goals.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Tips

  1. Do I need the test?  Identify if the GRE is an admission requirement first.
  2. Local test locations: GRE General paper test only at Fort Lewis College. Closest location for the GRE General online test is at San Juan Community College in Farmington, NM. Call 505-566-3139 for more information.
  3. GRE Fees & Registration: General test cost $205.  See the ETS GRE website for additional fees, subject tests, and registration.
  4. Test Preparation: Give yourself a minimum of 3 months to study!  Study tools include free practice tests, online manuals, online prep courses for GMAT, LSAT & GRE, and books available for check out from the Career Services Offices.  Create your own study group!?!
  5. Scoring: New GRE range is 130-170 for both verbal and quantitative sections and 0-6 for analytical section.  Scores are good for 5 years.

Other Graduate School Entrance Tests

  • Business School: GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Medical School: MCAT - Medical College Admission Test
  • Law School: LSAT - Law School Admission Test. Next LSAT testing date at FLC.
  • Dental School: DAT - Dental Admission Test
  • Optometry School: OAT - Optometry Admission Test
  • Pharmacy School: PCAT - Pharmacy College Admission Test

Graduate School Resources & Tools

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