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Graduate School
Is graduate school for me?  Is the #1 question you should ask yourself before applying!  Graduate school is different than your undergraduate experience.  Graduate work requires a much larger work commitment in terms of time, labor, and intellectual vigor.

Graduate School Resources

Start Early!!!

The typical graduate admissions procMasters Degreeess can take as long as six to nine months, so even if you are not fully certain that you want to go to graduate school, start preparing early. Some of the top programs may even require that you apply a year in advance of your intended start date. In addition, you need to first identify potential schools that you wish to attend. This search is also a very time-consuming process. Thus, the bottom line is that you should start as early as possible.

Graduate School Process:

  1. Assess: Does graduate school meets your goals?
  2. Research programs: Look into several Graduate Schools & Programs.
  3. Study & Take the Entrance Exam: Determine what Graduate School Entrance Exam you need (if any).
  4. Prepare Application materials: Write your Statement of Purpose, Resume or CV, fill out the application, get a copy of your official transcripts, and have them reviewed/edited by several professionals.
  5. Gather Letters of Recommendation: Typically you'll need 2-3 references.
  6. Apply: Pay application fees and meet deadlines--typically between October - February prior to your start date.  All materials must be turned in by the deadline.
  7. Visit Schools: Meet faculty & current graduate students, check out facilities & location.
  8. Decide!  Pick the best school for your needs.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Tips:

Before you spend 3 hours and 45 minutes of your life and hard earned money taking the GRE make sure you research your top graduate schools to see if they require it or another graduate school entrance exam!

  1. Local test locations: GRE General paper test only at Fort Lewis College.
    GRE General online test at San Juan Community College in Farmington, NM. Call 505-566-3139 for more information.
  2. GRE Fees & Registration: General test cost $205.  See the ETS GRE website for additional fees, subject tests, and registration.
  3. Test Preparation: Give yourself a minimum of 3 months to study!  Study tools include free practice tests, online manuals, online course like Continuing Education prep courses for GMAT, LSAT & GRE, and books available for check out from the Career Services Offices.
  4. Helpful tools: Graduate School Checklist, GRE Diagnostic test, GRE test prep apps, starting a study group.
  5. Scoring: New GRE range is 130-170 for both verbal and quantitative sections and 0-6 for analytical section.  Old scores were 200-800.  Scores are good for 5 years.

GRE Apps & Practice Tests

Other Graduate School Entrance Exams
Check out these graduate school entrance exams before you take the GRE!  Your graduate program may need these scores instead (or none at all):
  • Business SchoolGMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

  • Medical SchoolMCAT - Medical College Admission Test

  • Law SchoolLSAT - Law School Admission Test. Next testing date at FLC.
    LSAT Preparation Materials: Get Prepped LSAT Prep.

  • Dental SchoolDAT - Dental Admissions Test

  • Optometry SchoolOAT - Optometry Admission Test
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