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List of Duties on Your Resume

'I'm particularly surprised by senior executives who just list their positions and responsibilities without quantifying their accomplishments,' says Paul. 'If you want attention, explain how you brought value to a company. Don't just tell me that you did your job.'

 Duties vs. Skills:

When you make a bulleted list under internship, volunteer, or past work experience it should be much more than simply a list of duties.  According to employers, one of their biggest pet peeves with resumes is that this list reads like a job description and fails to tell the employer anything that the applicant learned or accomplished. 

You should sit down and think about any concrete items like accomplishments, new methods, and numbers that you can discuss in these bullets.  If you are really stuck, start with a scratch paper and create two columns: duties and skills.  Under duties list your job description.  Under the skills column, list things that you learned during this job.  Think about what employers call “soft skills.” These are things like time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, etc.

Another important thing to consider is using action verbs.  These will make your resume stand out.  Review the examples below:

Example 1:

 • Worked in lab efficiently.
• Developed new process that saved four minutes of extraction time which increased productivity by 10%.

Example 2:

• Learned time management by getting trips out on time.
• Coordinated logistics for 30 raft guides and bus drivers ensuring each trip departed in a timely manner and returned in the same way.

Example 3:  

• Made fuel breaks.
• Created fuel breaks, fuel reduction, and defensible space on private and public land in northern Colorado.

Example 4:  

• Excellent customer service.                                                                                                
• Grew customer base by over 20% through outstanding customer relations and quality service.