This year's Centennial commemorates the federal government's 1911 deeding of the former Fort Lewis military post to the state of Colorado to establish an "agricultural and mechanic arts high school." In the century since then, Fort Lewis has undergone constant evolution -- from high school, to teaching school, to A&M college, to the four-year public liberal arts college we know today -- as it has adapted with the changing needs and demands of the times.

The Centennial offers the opportunity to remember the resilience and determination it has taken to get to where Fort Lewis is today, and to honor and celebrate the 100 years of service this institution has offered to the people of Colorado, the region, country, and world. The Centennial also inspires all of us -- faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends -- to carry forth into the next century the mission of Fort Lewis College: to offer an accessible, high quality, baccalaureate liberal arts education to a diverse student population, preparing citizens for the common good in an increasingly complex world.


Dene Thomas

As Fort Lewis College begins its second century as a public educational institution, I am amazed as I consider who we were, what we have become, and the opportunities that lay before us.

Please join us in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the opening of that first high school, which evolved into an A&M college, was relocated to Durango, and then was reinvented as the liberal arts college that it is today. More...