Courses / Course Sequence

List of Courses and Suggested Course Sequences for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors

Chem 150, Fundamentals of Chemistry I: Atoms and Molecules
Chem 151, Fundamentals of Chemistry II: Chemical Reactions
Chem 250, Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds
Chem 251, Organic Chemistry II: Functional Groups and Biological Chemistry
Chem 311, General Biochemistry I
Chem 312, General Biochemistry Lab
Chem 313, General Biochemistry II
Chem 356, Physical Chemistry I: Quantum Mechanics
Chem 357, Physical Chemistry II: Thermodynamics
Chem 363, Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 365, Analytical Chemistry
Chem 411, Advanced Biochemistry
Chem 431, Advanced Organic Chemistry
Chem 454, Advanced Topics in Chemistry
Chem 460, Synthesis Techniques
Chem 464, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 465, Instrumental Analytical Chemistry
Chem 496/497, Senior Seminar
Chem 499, Independent Study 



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