Chemistry Department

Degree Programs

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Three major options within the American Chemical Society accredited Chemistry Department meet a variety of student interests as well as professional and industry demands.

  • The Chemistry option prepares students for professional work in various areas of applied chemistry, as well as interdisciplinary careers in the medical and environmental fields or for admission into graduate programs in chemistry.
  • The Biochemistry option is appropriate for medical and other health careers and graduate studies in biochemistry. It prepares students for employment in the rapidly expanding biotechnology field.
  • The Chemistry for Secondary Teachers option prepares students for teaching science at the secondary level, with an emphasis in chemistry. This option is not recommended for students interested in graduate programs in chemistry or biochemistry or employment in related industries.
  • A minor in Chemistry is available for students majoring in other disciplines.

For specific course requirements for our Degree Programs, please see the corresponding links below.  Click on this link for the ACS Guidelines for Bachelor's Degree Programs which our program adheres to.