Chemistry and Biochemistry Department - Our Department Values

Our Department Values

The Chemistry Department is committed to providing the best education possible for our students by being dedicated to excellence in teaching, personalized instruction, and research-based education within the Liberal Arts mission of Fort Lewis College.

The teaching philosophy of the Chemistry Department is:

  • Excellence in the classroom and laboratory leads to better-engaged, more motivated and academically prepared students.
  • Discovery cultivates intellectual excitement, the strongest life-long motivation for learning.
  • Hands-on work with modern instrumentation, equipment, and techniques combined with solving real chemistry and biochemistry problems provides the best preparation for careers and graduate or professional schools.
  • Personalized learning and research collaborations increase the overall learning effectiveness while developing the cooperative skills needed in today’s technical workplaces.
  • Undergraduate research is an effective vehicle for integrating discovery, hands-on work, and personalized learning which contributes to a sense of belonging to the larger scientific enterprise and enhances a student's opportunities and abilities to increase their chemistry and biochemistry foundational knowledge.