Student working in the lab.

Scholarships for Chemistry Majors

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce two academic scholarships: The Richard A. Senne Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a chemistry major beginning their junior or senior year to be used to pay for college expenses. The Callendar Chemistry Scholarship will provide financial support for chemistry majors in their sophomore, junior or senior year who intend to pursue a career in pharmacy, pharmacology or related chemical sciences.


This scholarship is awarded in memory of Richard A. Senne, class of 1973, who succumbed to cancer shortly after completing his Master's Degree at Northern Arizona University.

Guidelines for this scholarship are as follows:

  • The Scholarship is to be awarded to a Chemistry major in their junior or senior year at Fort Lewis College.
  • Selection of the recipient is based on documented financial need, academic promise in chemistry and related sciences, dedication to good habits and a strong moral character.
  • The recipient should display a strong interest in a career that would be beneficial to mankind, with preferential consideration given to a student who has demonstrated an interest in working on the conquest of cancer.
  • This award is to be used in paying college expenses, i.e. tuition and fees, books, supplies, room and board stipends.
  • Only students who have not received a previous degree will be eligible.



  • The student must be a current Fort Lewis College student
  • A successful candidate for this scholarship will show by curriculum and career planning, the intent to pursue a career in pharmacy or a related pharmaceutical science
  • The student must have a record of outstanding scholastic performance
  • This award supports student expenses that may include, but are not limited to: tuition, fees, supplies, room and board stipends.
  • Only students who have not received a previous degree will be eligible.


The application deadline for the 2016-17 academic year scholarships will be 5 PM on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016. Please turn your applications in to Debra Moses in Chemistry Hall Room 140.  Applicants will be notified by Monday, March 21st.  You can get a hard copy of the application from Debra Moses or click here to download the application.

Department Student Awards

Student awards are presented during Honors Convocation ceremonies prior to Spring graduation.

THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY AWARD is awarded to the given in recognition of outstanding achievement in biochemistry by a graduating senior.

THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY AWARD is awarded to the graduating senior excelling in organic chemistry.

THE JAMES MILLS OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY AWARD is sponsored by John Wiley & Sons Publishers in honor of Fort Lewis College Emeritus Professor, James Mills. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in physical chemistry.

THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AWARD is given to the top student who has interest and aptitude in analytical chemistry.

THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AWARD recognizes achievement by an undergraduate student in inorganic chemistry to encourage further study in the field.

THE SENIOR RECOGNITION AWARD is given to graduating seniors who excelled in chemistry and/or biochemistry and made other contributions to the department.

THE FRESHMAN CHEMISTRY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the outstanding freshman chemistry student at Fort Lewis College.

THE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD recognizes outstanding achievement in undergraduate organic chemistry.

THE FRESHMAN CHEMISTRY RECOGNITION AWARD is given to general chemistry students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their chemistry studies.