Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Chemistry Open House

April 15th.  2-5pm.  Open to the public and FREE to everyone!

Be sure not to miss the chemistry magic show.  Put on by Dr. Michael Grubb and FLC Chemistry students.  Two shows just in case you miss one or didn't get enough the first time!

2:30 and 4:00pm in Chemistry Hall room 130 (the big lecture room)

Don't Stop here, much more info below


Interactive, Exciting chemistry demos and experiments that will amaze all levels of inquiring minds

Check out just a few of the cool demos that you will see:

Acoustic Levitation

Acoustic levitation is an exciting new technology that is used in chemistry labs across the world to levitate highly reactive chemicals that are needed for reactions.


Bending Light

Rainbows, mirages, and why water appears shallow when it is actually deep are all examples of real world light bending.


Gemstone Identification

Determine if your diamond ring is real by analyzing it with Raman Spectroscopy.  No not the noodle.


Penny Battery

Lean how chemical energy is converted to electrical energy and how to make your own battery from just pennies.


Schlieren Photography

Come see a hidden world by using Schlieren photography.  This allows us to see the gasses in the air, and apply this to ballistics and aerospace engineering.



Learn how to make your own spectroscope and just why we can see that rainbow after it rains.


Standing Waves

Have you ever wondered how guitar strings or piano keys make different sounds?  The answer is standing waves, find out more about the music you hear everyday.



Do you have an old ring that has tarnished over time?  The process of electroplating is used to turn that grimey ring to make it look like new.


How to get to the Chemistry Building

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