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UNT Chemistry NSF-REU Program 2017

Students looking for an exciting interdisciplinary research experience encompassing many aspects of computational and experimental chemistry are invited to apply for the Summer 2017 NSF-REU program at the University of North Texas. The ten-week program will tentatively begin in late May or early June, and participants will be given a $5,000 stipend, plus housing. Funds are available to help defray travel costs to and from the REU site, which is located at the northern outskirts of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

University of Kansas Research Experience for Undergraduates

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Kansas is seeking applicants for its summer 2017 NSF-REU Program for undergraduates.

The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) has been offered at the Medical College of Wisconsin

The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) has been offered at the Medical College of Wisconsin for over 30 years. During that time, SPUR has hosted hundreds of students who have since made significant contributions to science and humanity through their current positions as teachers, instructors, professors, researchers, industry professionals, government leaders and clinicians.

SPUR hosts roughly 25-30 participants each summer from across the country who gain valuable research experience, refine critical thinking skills, build upon academic and professional networks and are introduced to various disciplines of science.

Participation in SPUR is intended for students who are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university who intend to pursue scientific-based graduate studies.

Student Internship Programs

Student Internship Programs

Sandia National Laboratories

Since 1949, Sandia National Laboratories has developed science-based technologies that support the protection of our national security. We continue to be one of the nation’s premier research, development and engineering laboratories, with over 8,000 employees across our sites in Albuquerque, NM and Livermore, CA. Our highest goal is to become the laboratory that the United States turns to first for innovative systems engineering solutions to our most challenging and complex problems.