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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Durango: Nature at its finest



Major: Gender & Women’s Studies
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Year: Sophomore

One of my favorite parts of going to school at Fort Lewis College is being able to live and work in such a beautiful natural environment. I feel so lucky to be able to rise each morning and see cloudy hues caress the mountains, the sun breaking free from the nights’ holding. I originally came to the college because everyone was so friendly when I visited and I loved how down to earth all the students were. Little did I know that I would become an avid hiker and enjoy exploring the landscape in and around Durango, just as much as I enjoy being a social butterfly.

My first hike in Durango was up Raiders Ridge, a mountain that is approximately five minutes away from the college. To this day, it still amazes me that I have the opportunity to hike up a winding nature trail between my classes without having to worry about having a car or traveling far. Besides Raiders Ridge, the Colorado Trail starts in Durango and goes all the way to Denver and there are side trails around town to different natural sites. My first year at Fort Lewis College, I also managed to make it to various Native American ruins that are in the area, such as Mesa Verde and Canyon of the Ancients. A pleasant incentive to visiting these timeless places was the extra credit I got for visiting ancient monuments in my History of the Southwest class.

With friends in MoabAll in all, I recommend that current and prospective students explore the land in and around Durango to begin to understand their place in its vast and complex history. Connecting with the environment in and around Durango has helped me achieve a sense of peace within my being and helped to foster a sense of oneness with all of life. It feels amazing to know that, at any moment, I have the chance to leap into the distance on a whim and continue to uncover a genuine sense of self while sitting in a place of peace and solitude in the middle of the wilderness.

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