Major: Gender & Women’s Studies
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Year: Sophomore

One of the most rewarding experiences for me here at Fort Lewis College has been getting involved with the Environmental Center on campus.  As a freshman, I was very nervous about making new friends and finding a place where I could connect with like- minded students.  Yet the moment I walked through the doors and into the sunlit cluster of bulletin boards, plants and comfy chairs, I felt instantly at home. 

My first task at the Environmental Center was to attend a retreat where I got to go the Old Fort Farm in Hesperus, Colorado and help harvest fresh and organic vegetables.  It was one of my first experiences with farming and it was an eye- opening experience to be able to see where the food I eat actually comes from. 

Ever since that first retreat with the Environmental Center, I’ve stayed committed to remaining involved with the Center and educating myself, as well as others, about sustainability and the importance of conserving resources for future generations.  Last year, I ran the ‘Free Store’ every Thursday morning where I would give away free and gently used items to students in need and educate on the importance of reusing and recycling goods. 

Where has my passion for the environment taken me? I’m really excited to say that I’m currently serving on the Environmental Center Board of Director this year and helping to pave the way for environmental activism to come.  Through my work with this awesome center on campus, I’ve learned how empowering following my passion can be and how rewarding volunteering and innovation is for both myself, as well as for the state of the world.