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Student support at Fort Lewis College: Tutoring

When I returned to college in 2011, thirteen years had passed since I last sat in a classroom. Skipping the long story about my past failure with college, I walked in the door on day one, with little confidence and plenty of doubt. Well, as it turns out, my first year back was a success based on many factors, some related to my commitment and others related to the culture of learning at Fort Lewis College.

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Dr. Foster: More than just a professor

Even after three and a half years of being a student at Fort Lewis College, it is still hard to forget how overwhelmed and nervous I felt to be going away to college after graduating from high school. As a first generation student and the first of my siblings to be going away to college, I was fearful of how leaving my family and mentors would affect my life and my success in school. Who would guide me through four years of college? Where would I find that guidance? Could I possibly do this alone? These were the questions I asked myself every day before starting my freshman year at Fort Lewis.