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Physical education at the Fort

Because Fort Lewis College is a liberal arts school, all students are required to take a variety of classes in almost every subject. One of the classes needed in order to graduate is physical education. Each student needs one credit of PE, which means that you need to take at least one PE class while attending Fort Lewis. My schedule this semester was busy and I couldn’t seem to find much time between working and classes to add a PE class. I knew that I had to get it done in order for me to graduate next year so I sat down with my advisor and read through all of the PE classes available this semester. One really stood out to me: Camping and Backpacking.

Para ir de acampar

I looked down at the assignment handout: “Teach the class how to do something, speaking only in Español…be creative!” Hmmm, what to do? I turned to my friend Nikki to brainstorm…

A week later we had our script in hand. Our backpacks, tent, water bottles, Cliff bars, camping cook kit, flashlights, raingear, topographic map and first aid kit spread across a table as we prepared to film our video, “Para ir de acampar” (“How to go camping”).  We had decided on a common passion that we shared, backpacking, and had chosen to teach our Spanish II class how to go about this activity.

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Thanksgiving in the Grand

I love the outdoors, but I am not that experienced at camping.  Therefore, I was very excited to find out about Outdoor Pursuits, or OP, as it is known around campus.  OP is a co-op kind of place; once you pay the fee you can rent equipment (for no additional charge) and use their rock wall.  They have all the equipment one needs for camping, kayaking, biking, and many other things.