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My home away from home

One of the most significant changes when a student comes to college is the transition from living at home to living in a residence hall. First year students typically live with a roommate, must learn how to resolve any conflicts that arise, utilize time management skills so as to not get distracted by all the fun opportunities college has to offer, and choose priorities that may follow them through their entire college career and beyond.

Why I came to Fort Lewis College

My entire education prior to college was spent in the small town of South Haven, Michigan.  I had lived in the same small town my whole life and finally decided when the time came for my application to college, I wanted to go to a big school and get out of the small town feel, so I applied to Michigan State University, got accepted, and planned on moving there. In the late spring, I got a realization that the small town feel was for me, and a friend encouraged me to go to Fort Lewis, because she loved it so much here.

Climbing? Climbing!!

I looked out of my dorm window at the snow-covered ground, blue bird sky and frosty trees. The sun was shining, illuminating the snow with brilliant clarity as it sparkled in this early February morning. I smiled at how foreign yet beautiful this wintery landscape was. Gone were the sandy beaches, the 80 degree weather, the rustling palm trees and breaking waves that I had grown up with in Hawai’i. What would I do today?